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I have a HUGE collection of Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Business Coaching products.They give you the details of how to start a business with nothing and build it to multiple six figures. Enjoy learning from my notes and if you need a buddy to practice and implement, contact me

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  1. has so much information that if you want to grow as someone who is doing what you love doing, while you simultaneously profit and enhance the lives of those around you, you can’t afford to not follow Jay Abraham’s work.I’m a big fan of Jay’s. He’s brilliant, he’s paradigm changing. There’s a reason why his material is rated so highly. ay has tapes that are 20 years old that still sell for hundreds of dollars,that says something
  2. These are my notes on Frank Kern and John Reese's two Customer Getting Webinars. These are two webinars Kern and Reese did about how to get paying customers for your business as a bonus for buying one of Eban Pagan's courses through their link. Awesome information on how to crate sales offers and strategies; how to upsell and cross sell always.
  3. How to quickly figure out what you need to say to get your prospect’s attention. - How to “hook” your prospect so thoroughly, he won’t be able to sleep until he engages with you, on your terms. -How to use simple storytelling secrets so you are never at a loss of what to write to your market, whenever you have something to sell to them - How to get other people to do your bragging for you
  4. The secret to running your business like a million-dollar company is all about getting back to the basics. From cash flow secrets to setting up your company correctly, you'll love these simple and proven tips to creating a business that makes you profit and doesn't drive you crazy. The course includes 4 audios covering 25 modules of course material and reference guide, a bonus Q&A audio, and full call transcripts.
  5. Created especially for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other solo-preneurs, this one-of-a-kind, 7-step program walks you through Ali’s entire simple system to use the Internet and information products to skyrocket your profits AND your free time. This is the "learn at home version" of Ali’s renowned, sold out Online Success Blueprint® Workshop, featuring full DVDs of the entire event
  6. Operation Video Black Box walks you through how to make cool videos that SELL. Learn - How you can "manufacture celebrity" in ANY market to command high prices. -The psychological "End Game" method that creates an INSTANT BOND with your viewers ...so they'll want to buy even when you're not pitching. - The "Giveaway Cash Magnet" that gets you sales
  7.   [Image: compellingmarketing]
    A Webinar Pitch Formula You Can Immediately Use - The 9 Best "Call To Action Closes - Pitch Transitioning - How To Sidestep The Biggest Flaw That Kills Webinar Sales - 7 More Hot Tips To Boost Webinar Sales - Developing Killer Content For Your Webinars In Just A Few Short Minutes
  8.   [Image: compellingmarketing]
    The concept around Mass Control is using specific techniques of persuasion, trust and proof to generate both buzz, traffic and high conversion rates. Frank does focus a lot in developing trust through both proof and "the story" in Mass Control. Understanding the STRUCTURE behind these efforts is quite eye-opening.
  9. Are you ready to breakthrough your obstacles that have held you back from experiencing CONSISTENT business and financial success? Now you can FINALLY create the business and lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
  10. You'll learn PRECISELY how to... 1. Craft your Compelling Offer that Attracts Prospects like HUGE Magnets! And how toIMMEDIATELY Position Yourself as an EXPERT commanding the Highest Fees! 2. Leverage your Service so you can Raise your Fees AND Reduce your Time spent on Service Delivery. 3. Build a Prospect Seduction Roadmap for a ONE on NE Conversation that converts in a SINGLE CALL or MEETING
  11.   [Image: compellingmarketing]
    Using This Formula Gets More Of Your Emails Opened... More Of Your Emails Read... More Of Your Links Clicked-On... And Generates More Sales For You - Guaranteed!
  12. Do you enjoy speaking, but you'd love to sell much more of your products and services from the stage? Unfortunately, many people are teaching hard-sell methods that often backfire, and that "old boy" way of selling is fast on the way out. Well, it's time to learn from two ladies who combined have sold millions of dollars of their offerings from speaking engagements both large and small.
  13.   [Image: compellingmarketing]
    Beyond the Blueprint®: 10 Powerful Business Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level In Beyond the Blueprint, you’ll learn Ali Brown's SECRETS about these 10 HOT income-generating topics, strategically designed to up-level your revenues, FAST... ($$$) And I’d like to share those 10 teaching modules with you now. What it really takes to get to the high 6 figures and beyond
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